What’s the Best EC for Cannabis?

May 13, 2021 0 Comments

When growing marijuana, the acidity (pH) and electrical conductivity (EC) of the medium play an important role. Health and the yield of the crop directly depend on these characteristics. You can simply plant the bushes, periodically apply fertilizers, and hope for a good result. However, in the absence of pH and EC control, cannabis can suffer from an excess of some nutrients and therefore block the absorption of others. At the same time, the grower will think that there is simply not enough fertilizer for the plant, but the next portion will only aggravate the situation.

The Appropriate EC Values for Cannabis

An essential criterion for the state of the nutrient medium for a plant is electrical conductivity. The electrical conductivity shows how many moles of a substance are contained in a nutrient medium. Salts exist in the liquid in the form of ions, which, when moving, generate an electric current. The more ions, the greater the flow of electricity in the liquid.

The content of substances in the nutrient medium affects their ability to absorb water by plants. The more salts it contains, the more difficult it is for cannabis to obtain water. At critical EC values, on the contrary, water begins to leak from the plants into the ground/medium.

Optimal EC values for cannabis grown in soil, substrate, or nutrient solution are in the range of 0.75–2.0. If you maintain the value of electrical conductivity in this range, then problems with the absorption of water and nutrients in cannabis should not arise.

Measuring and Adjusting the EC Value for Cannabis

Two different instruments are used to measure the conductivity of a solution. The TDS meter and the EC meter are, in fact, similar devices, because they both measure the amount of salts in solution. Both of them can be purchased in specialized stores or on the Internet. However, the first device gives the result in ppm (parts per million), and the second in its own units (mS/cm). In this case, the mS/cm indicator can be converted to ppm using a special conversion table.

If the EU value of the medium exceeds the permissible value, it is better to flush it. This should be done with clean, pH-adjusted water, removing moisture that has come out of the drain holes. After flushing is complete, check the EC value again and apply a new dose of fertilizer if necessary. 

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