How to Control pH for Hydroponics in Cannabis

July 1, 2022 0 Comments

The acidity of the environment is of great importance when cultivating hemp. It doesn’t matter if you grow your plants in soil or hydroponically. The substrate, soil, or nutrient solution has its own pH in any case. Plant health and the ability to digest various nutrients directly depend on the acidity of the environment. Only by maintaining the optimal pH for your cannabis can you produce a decent, high-quality crop.

What’s the Best EC for Cannabis?

May 13, 2021 0 Comments

When growing marijuana, the acidity (pH) and electrical conductivity (EC) of the medium play an important role. Health and the yield of the crop directly depend on these characteristics. You can simply plant the bushes, periodically apply fertilizers, and hope for a good result. However, in the absence of pH and EC control, cannabis can suffer from an excess of some nutrients and therefore block the absorption of others. At the same time, the grower will think that there is simply not enough fertilizer for the plant, but the next portion will only aggravate the situation.

Understanding pH and How It Affects Cannabis Plants

January 28, 2021 0 Comments

If you want to achieve high yields by providing optimal conditions for plant development, it is important to not only give the best nutrients for hydroponic cannabis but also to regularly check the pH level of your medium. Proper care involves not only regular watering and feeding but also controlling the acidity of the environment. It is determined by the activity of positive hydrogen ions. It is enough to know that the pH indicator reflects the ratio of alkaline and acidic impurities in a liquid. There is a scale from 1 to 14, where 7.0 is neutral. From 1 to 6.9 units – the liquid is considered acidic, from 7.1 to 14 – alkaline.